Our Crematorium

Paws to Rest Crematorium is located in a quiet, discreet location towards the rear of our small holding.

Owners can view any part of the Cremation process should they so desire.

Our team are available to answer any questions you may have on the Cremation process.

Individual Cremation Price List 2024


Communal brought to crematorium

Individual ashes scattered in our Garden of Remembrance

Individual cremation and ashes returned

Burials- Our basic Coffin and Headstone included*

Small Dog£47.00£146.00£204.00£505.00
Medium Dog£54.00£157.00£230.00£555.00
Medium/Large Dog£57.00£174.00£253.00£588.00
Large Dog£62.00£209.00£290.00£658.00
Giant Dog£69.00£276.00£370.00£710.00

Onsite Euthanasia £200

'*Individually priced luxury coffins available on request'

Same day service £44.00

Remembering your Pet

A memorial is a respectful way  to remembering a loved pet.
Paws to Rest offer a wide range of memorials such as urns which are suitable for the ashes of your beloved pet to plaques for the garden, or special picture frames which discreetly hold the ashes of your pet.

Garden memorials are available in a range including memorial trees and plaques.
Indoor memorials are an alternative for storing ashes in a modern and subtle way ranging from a photograph frame to a pet shaped urn proving an alternative to traditional pet urns and caskets.
See our Memorials section

Above prices are inclusive of:

a) VAT @rate current & certification of cremation (payment in cash, credit card or cheque).
b) Collections for Individual cremations free of charge within 12 mile radius of "Paws to Rest" Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. Collections outside these times, and of communal cremations, by arrangement. Out of hours charge may apply.
c) With "ashes returned", to include a bronze shaded biodegradable urn, wooden casket or scatter tube, wrapped in tissue paper, before being placed in a discreet cardboard box. To show we care, a spray of dried flowers is included.
At an additional cost, we can also offer a range of luxury caskets. Please visit our website to see our comprehensive range./span>
d) Tastefully engraved nameplates, including month and year of cremation. Variations available, priced accordingly.

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