Final Resting Place. 

The final resting place of your beloved pet is important, choosing to bury your pet in your garden may be appropriate at the time of parting however in the future you may need to move away from that home.

Our nature Cemetery offers a permenant resting place for your loved one.

Paws to Rest offers a full Burial Service for your beloved pet.

When the time comes, Paws to Rest will pick your departed pet up from your home or vets, pets are treated with dignity and respect at all times. If you wish, you can bring your pet to us for it's final service.

Our Burial Service includes a basic coffin and Headstone, luxury coffins are available view the range of memorials and coffins.

Our burial ground is designated as a 'nature' cemetery, as such, permanent grave decoration is limited to a shrub/tree and small approved headstone.
An annual maintenance fee is applicable for your plot, payable at the beginning of each year following the burial.

Paws to Rest are more than happy for bereaved owners to return to their pets grave 
as many times as they wish.
Free entry in our 'Book or Remembrance' is included in our burial service.

Our Nature Cemetery offers a quiet and dignified resting place for your beloved pet. Our well tended gardens offers a haven for you and your pet as they begin their journey to Rainbow Bridge.



Paws To Rest 2015