Service to Veterinary Practices.

At "Paws to Rest", not only do we provide a direct service for bereaved pet owners, but also to veterinary practices. In fact, when our business was founded in 1991, it was to satisfy a disposal need, brought about by the local authority banning pets being deposited in landfill sites along with domestic and commercial waste. Since that time, we are pleased to note that more and more pets left at vets practices, are destined for individual cremations rather than just disposal.

For the sake of clarity of our operations, our veterinary service is as follows;

a) Pets destined for individual cremation and return of ashes, are placed in clearly labelled white bags. Details are written, by the practice, on an instruction card which is attached to the bag. Unless we are advised otherwise, by the owners or practice, these pets will be collected on a weekly basis. Whilst awaiting collection they are looked after in appropriate storage conditions. They are then processed, as directed, and the ashes returned to the practice the following week.

Please note;

During transportation, the pet bodies will be carried in the same manner as they were in storage at the veterinary practice.

    It is not absolutely necessary for your pet to be placed in a bag. If the practice is asked, they will consider leaving the pet in its bed or similar.

    Owners are more than welcome to collect their pets remains directly from our facilities. Thus saving on a wait for return.

b) Our "Green Bag" service (disposal, with no special handling) is designed for pets not requiring individual attention. These pets are collected on a weekly basis and are all cremated together. The remaining ashes are then interred in our designated pet cemetery. This service offers a cost effective way of having your pet cremated with other domestic pets. Followed by them resting in a pet cemetery, rather than waste disposal site.

c) In deference to veterinary practice requirements, we also uplift other materials destined for disposal. Although these are carried at the same time as pets, each is in segregated containers.



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